Alarm How To

So you have an alarm system with us?

Please utilize this simple guide to help you understand and utilize your system.

I just accidentally tripped the alarm what do I do?

Dial 407-900-5565 ex 9DIAL   

Speak with the representative and give them your PIN or PASSCODE. And let them know you need to cancel the alarm.

Usually there is a open zone ( a door or window may have been left open ).  If all doors and windows are closed and you are still unable to arm you may have an issue with your system.


Just Enter your User Code into the keypad. 

To Quickly arm the system into stay mode, just click on the Stay Button.

When system is armed to Stay, exterior doors will automatically trigger the alarm.  This mode is commonly used when in the house (please note that you will need to disable the system to walk out the door in order to prevent a false alarm). 

When the system is armed to Away exterior doors will have a countdown timer to give the user enough time to disarm the alarm system.

How to use Unifi (Network/Wifi) software