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Josh Nano

While other voice assistants are physically becoming larger and positioning their speakers as focal points in a room, Josh Nano was purpose-built to blend into its surroundings. The Josh team worked closely with the architecture, design, and professional installation communities to rethink how voice control should perform in the world’s most luxurious residences.

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Built to Blend In

Josh Nano is available in Coral White and Jet Black to subtly suit any space’s design aesthetic. Camouflage Josh Nano with a custom circular or square paintable cover to make any home’s technology truly invisible.

Impossibly Small

Measuring 42mm in diameter by 3mm in depth, Josh Nano is a small yet mighty home assistant. By utilizing Josh Core as the brain of the system and response output via VoiceLink, the connected home has finally found its voice.

The Smart Home, Smarter

Josh Nano’s four-microphone array features advanced far-field listening. It remembers the last voice command given and will toggle the state of that device with a single tap of its capacitive surface. When speaking to Josh Nano, its audible responses are disseminated by a room’s premium speakers to provide a fully integrated living experience.

A Custom Solution

Josh Nano systems, powered by Josh Core, are equipped with various features built for professional installers. Josh Core can span VLANs, providing deployment flexibility for any project no matter the complexity. Additionally, every Josh Nano and Josh Core is hardwired and powered over ethernet (POE) for system stability.

Location Awareness

Each Josh Nano knows the floor plan of the home. A simple command like "Ok Josh, lights on" will illuminate the lights in that room. Clients can easily control all of their rooms, areas, and floors thanks to Josh’s knowledge of the Control4 project.

Visual Feedback

Users can always tell when Josh Nano is listening because its LED dial will react with a spinning rainbow animation. A pulsating rainbow animation means that Josh has finished listening to the request and is processing a command.

Microphone Privacy

Josh Nano is always ready to help but only listens when it is woken up. Users can address Josh with its dual wake word that will accept “Hey Josh” or “Ok Josh” to activate its far field microphones.

Muting Josh

Josh Nano is equipped with a privacy switch that physically disconnects its microphones when toggled. By default, a single tap of its capacitive touch dial performs a mute. Another single tap reactivates its microphones. Josh Nano’s LED dial will display a red-orange light to signal its microphones are disabled when muted.

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Josh Nano