Advanced Routines Control4 Driver

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    Now Control4 end users can have the flexibility to program their own system from within the Control4 iOS or Android app, touch screen, PC or Mac application, or any other Control4 navigator!

    The HouseLogix Routines driver gives you the ultimate in programming flexibility. Not sure what you want that "Welcome Home" scene to do? No problem, this gives you the ability to set up execution of lighting scenes, individual lights, temperatures, audio and video sources, or even something like a fountain relay when you come home.

    Think of them like end-user configurable macros. Our driver even allows you to schedule these routines. Tired of manually turning on that Christmas tree light for 3 weeks out of the year? No problem, hook up your Control4 outlet dimmer to the tree, add a rule that turns on the tree every day at 6pm and off at midnight. Then, delete the schedule when Christmas is over all without having to call your programmer.

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