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Thin Line Series 2 Rack Frame 12U

Use the Thin Line when space is tight or multiple racks need to be ganged together - Ultra-thin, only 19 1/8 wide (20 3/8 wide with side panels) - Sturdy 13-gauge top and bottom panels provide strength and stability - 11-gauge front and rear rack rails with numbered spaces (10-32 threaded) - Includes front top and front bottom trim panels - Ships knockdown for easy delivery and assembly Updates to the Thin Line Series 2 Rack Frames include: - Realignment of rails against the top and bottom panel, enabling rails to be cut at any desired U-space interval and still install seamlessly into top and bottom panels - Snap-in clips added to top and bottom panels for easy one-person installation of the rack frame - Support for new locking rear panels (RTL-RP-XXU) - Updated door installation design so that rack sits flush with the ground when door is installed, and top attachment bracket does not stick up above the top of the rack - Ability to lock doors when no side panels are installed - Ability to install plate-style casters - Reinforced threaded screw holes for improved connection between the top and bottom panels and the rails - Large knockout added to bottom panel for increased cabling flexibility - Widened side holes in rails for convenient use with zip ties - Additional holes and slots in top and bottom panels for use with cable management straps - New-look trim panels for improved branding and installer customization.


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Thin Line Series 2 Rack Frame 12U