Wall-Smart® Retrofit Mount for C4-T4IW10 (Unpainted)
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WallSmart New Construction Mount for Control4 T3 Touchscreen


The Wall-Smart NC V2 FOR Control4 T3 Series integrates between technology and interior design by enabling flush-mount installation of the Control4 touch screen which preserves the room décor. The Wall-Smart® for Control4 touch screen is easy to install as any other drywall installation, supplied unpainted to be painted with the wall finish to truly appear as one with the wall. The touch panel is accessible for repair. On-Off button not accessible unless removing the device. The mount has depth calibration screws. The line voltage connector is blocked - For low voltage (POE) only. C4-NWB57C-P back box not required. After installation, the touch screen appears a part of the wall as an integrated unit.


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WallSmart New Construction Mount for Control4 T3 Touchscreen