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Josh Core is the most robust and versatile component of the ecosystem, securely orchestrating the communication between Josh Micro, Josh Nano, the Josh App, and the Control4 system. Purpose-built for custom installation, Josh Core seamlessly fits into a home technology professional’s arsenal as the voice automation processor to handle any need - no matter the complexity.


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Bigger, Faster, and Stronger

Directly connected to the Local Network via POE, Josh Core processes customer and control system interactions on-site whenever possible for a more reliable, powerful, and private automation experience.

Voice of the Smart Home

Josh Core includes two VoiceLink outputs, enabling simultaneous voice feedback to areas of the home where Josh Nanos or Josh Micros have received commands.

Instant Gratification

Josh Core detects supported systems as soon as it is hardwired to the network. From there, Josh Core automatically discovers a project’s configuration and identifies the integrated devices available to control, which expedites the Josh deployment process for installers.

System Stability

Two Josh Cores may be configured for high availability and redundancy. Setting up a second Josh Core with high availability ensures maximum uptime in the event that anything happens to the primary Josh Core processor.

Network Management

Josh Core can be configured to scale up to enterprise-grade network topographies. Multiple VLAN support empowers installers with the flexibility to deploy voice automation in their most intricate projects.

A Core Component

A co-designed shelving solution was developed in partnership with Middle Atlantic, to ensure that every Josh Core deployment is securely rack-mounted.

System Scalability

Powered by Gigabit POE and a 6-core ARM processor with speeds up to 1.8 GHz, Josh Core is able to support projects with up to 100 microphones. Including mixed Josh Micro and Josh Nano installations.

Dynamic Design

Crafted to stand apart, Josh Core’s modern lines and simplistic elegance fit the design motif of the world’s most luxurious spaces.

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Josh Core